Briard Pedigree

This database comprises 2910 kennels and 67270 Briards.

Please find more information about sources and processing of the data on the user information page. Please refer to the change log for information about major changes.

This database is independent from any kennel clubs and does not reflect the opinion of a special kennel club.

Neuigkeiten: Die erweiterten Funktionen der Datenbank (z.B. Was-wäre-wenn-Analysen mit AVK- und IK-Berechnung, Umgekehrter Stammbaum) sind jetzt für alle Besucher ohne Registrierung und Anmeldung erreichbar. Weitere Informationen hier im Weblog.

News: The advanced functions of the Database (e.g. What-if analysis with inbreeding calculation, Reverse pedigree) are now available for every visitor without registration and sign-in.

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For breeders

The "What if" Analysis allows you to simulate matings and calculate their ancestor-loss and inbreeding coefficients. With the Reverse Pedigree you can scan the complete offspring and analyse their HDC results for multiple generations.

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Thanks to Mme Nicole Muller for the translation of the database pages to French language. Mme Muller is breeder of the Briards de la petite rochette.

Thanks to Mariann and Andreas Fiebiger for the translation of the database pages to Spanish language. Fiebiger family are the breeders of the Gos D'Atura Català Samruc.

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We would like to consolidate also other sources into this database and therefore we are grateful for every hint. Since we want to continuously improve this information offer, also every other suggestion is appreciated.